Robert Bruce Leisey

Born October 2, 1930 — 716 East 2nd Street, Birdsboro, Pa
Born at home to E Marie and Alvin L. Leisey, Sr. at about 11:00am

Some say I was Pop-Pop's favorite but me and my dad both agree the order went our dog Pooh, then myself and my dad for a close second and third. My dog Whinny The Pooh who died last year on Dec 30 was Pop's favorite and Pooh loved him too. When Pooh was visiting, Pop-Pop was at his best. Singing songs about him and feeding him dog biscuits as he like to call them and Nan would holler your going to spoil the dog's supper. Pop acted like he was a human and would talk to him and give him a piece of everything he ate.

They both loved it when Pop would sit in his chair and watch TV and Pooh would lay right beside him and every time he stopped petting him because his arm fell asleep or he just got plain old tired, the dog would look up at him and force him to keep on petting him. Pop and Pooh Loved It. When we would shout out "Camp Pop-Pops" to Pooh he would get all excited. He knew who Pop-Pop was and he knew Pop-Pop loved him, too. When Pop-Pop found out the news of Pooh's passing he broke down and was more upset then all of us combined.

No matter what, Pooh was Pop's best friend because he could say anything to him or do what ever he pleased and Pooh would just give him one of those doggie smiles that our family knew and loved. I hope you two are having fun where ever you two are because I know you are together.

My sister Pam and I have many memories with Pop-Pop. When it was warm out we did everything you could imagine two kids and their grand pop would do. Going all the way up to the McDonald's in Collegeville just to play in the kiddy playground after school when there was a McDonald's a couple of minutes away from the house. We would have tent sleepovers outside and got no sleep because Pop would come out and scare us pretending he was a bear.

He loved his bug zapper and his grass and garden too. He would ride us around on the riding mower and we would wave to Nan as she cringed as if we were going to fall off. After a few times around we would fall asleep and he would take us in for an afternoon nap on his rocking chair. We loved his garden and our favorite was his peas. We didn't need them cleaned or cooked we ate them straight from the vine. When it got hot enough he would bring out the sprinkler and we would run through and have a ball.

Stomping the soda cans after we shot them with Nan's favorite BB gun in all reality she hated once hid it and now is lost. He kept his grass looking like a golf coarse but that all changed when we came into his life. Pam used it as a race track and I used it for a baseball field. If Pammy asked to go for a ride he would take her around the yard in his blue Volkswagen. When I asked to play ball he would pitch to me and I would try and hit it over the trees which we called the green monster. We would go up to Dutch Wonderland and ride the rides once a year and also to Disney World a few times.

He loved the ducks at the park. He would bring bags of broken bread to feed them. When we brought our friends over he always made us laugh. Whether it was a comment about someone, facial expressions or what he was wearing at the time, he could always make us smile.

Here's what we heard on almost every day in our teenage years:

He loved his Phillies and Flyers. When they were on we watched.

I could tell Pop was always proud when I mowed the lawn and every time around he would give me a thumbs up to let me know I am doing a good job. After I was finished he always tipped me and said "Keep this between you and me." Nan, now you know Pop tipped me every time.

I could see he was most proud though when I brought in the trophy my team and I just won. The ambler classic is a football rivalry game Wissahickon and Upper Dublin. I brought the trophy in to show Pop the day after we won it. His eyes lit up and had a smile from ear to ear. I could tell that was his proudest day with me. Not because I brought in a trophy but for wrapping up my high school career with a win and wearing #72 proud. He always told me it wasn't what was on the back of the shirt that mattered it was on the front. Remember you can't win them all but show em what you're made of he would say before a game. Pop thanks for being my main supporter.

I could go on all day about our memories but I have to wrap it up into my best memory.

Pop-pop and I had our own form of communication. No matter if he was having the worst day in the world or the best day, once I saw him and I put up my hands as if we were going to fight, it was all smiles after that. That was our form of saying I love you to each other. We both knew what it meant and everyone else around just thought we were fooling around. We always played around like this even when I was just a little kid. At first it was just messing around and he would say, "You have to get a lot bigger before you put them up to me" and then he would throw a little right hand jab at me. I would pretend to block it and we would have the best time laughing about it. In the summer time I would go over to the nursing home and right before I left I would tell him to keep practicing as if we were going to have a show down one day.

Sometimes I felt that is what kept him going after his stroke and trying to rehab his right side so he could throw that jab again. The last time I saw him before I left I put my arms up and he put his left arm up like everything would be ok. One more time Pop -- that's all I want is just one more time to see you put your hands up and throw that jab.

Pop, I'll tell you one thing though... Even though you're up there now you better get the best corner's man to keep practicing for that showdown when I come up there to see you. Pop-Pop thank you for everything you did. You are my hero and role model and to see you at the end gave me the strength to fight and never give up. Pop-Pop I Love You.

Pop-Pop loved "pretzel day" at the nursing home. He died on Pretzel Day and never got his last pretzel. So following this service, we invite you to join us in the Fellowship Hall for a pretzel salute to pop. There will also be other Bob Leisey Favorite Foods there. Pop always gave the "thumbs up" jester to indicate everything was okay. As a final tribute to him, please join me in a farewell thumbs up.

Prepared by Ricky Leisey