The following is a narrative of the early years of the Leisey family in America taken from:

Dr. John's HISTORY OF DENVER [Pennsylvania], 1896.

John Bucher, having no children of his own, selected from a company of emigrants at the Port of Philadelphia, a boy and a girl who had come to America penniless in search of employment and homes. He paid the price of their passage, whereupon they became his indentured servants till this price was canceled. The lady married a Hibschman and went with a Bucher family to Cornwall in Lebanon County. The boy was Joseph Leisey, the ancestor of all the Leisey's in these parts. He was born in the Fatherland in 1754, and married Sophia Snyder, who bore him a family of seven sons and one daughter. When Joseph was grown to manhood, he was sent away to learn the weaver's trade; especially to master the difficult art of weaving figures, then a new art in these parts. This he did, and he did it well, greatly to the pleasure of John Bucher. When the years of his apprenticeship were completed, he was given a part of John Bucher's house and a loom with which to follow his trade. He labored till 1799, when he purchased a lot from Christian Wenger and built a dwelling house and shop. Here he operated his loom for twenty-five years, at the same time teaching his seven sons the trade. He was followed by his son, Adam, who occupied the shop for upwards of fifty years more. Here, Joseph Leisey's seven sons grew to manhood, and one by one married and became heads of families. To devote themselves to their trade, then one of the most important callings, they located at various places near home, one, however, going west.

Church records show that "Joseph Leisig a son of deceased George Leisg and Sophis, daughter of George Schneider" were married on September 19, 1784. Another record records Joseph's father as Hans Jerrick Lyssy. It may be impossible to find the original spelling of the name. A search of ship records from 1765-1772 fails to show any Joseph Leisey appearing on a ship at the port of Philadelphia.

The one daughter never married and ended up living in the household of her brother, Adam. All seven sons married and located somewhere around Lancaster County. One son, Henry, moved to Ohio after his mother's death (Holmes County) and dropped the last "e" from his name.

There is a large group of "Leisys" in the United States affiliated with the Leisy Brewing Company. They arrived in the early 1800's from Friedelsheim, Germany. No connection between the families has ever been made.

Representatives of five of the sons (Henry, Joseph, Jr., Adam, Peter and George) have been located and research is on-going. Representatives of two sons (John and Jacob) are unknown and research is lacking.

— from Raymond E. Leisy, Wooster, Ohio